My Testimony

In 2007, God called me to run for Him. I had no idea why, or why He chose me but I was obedient, and began running.

In that first year, I was diagnosed with lung disease (severe asthma), and shortly following, told that I was going deaf. I remember sitting in my car after leaving the Dr.'s office, and crying thinking about never hearing my children tell me they love me again. Never being able to hear praise music again, or my husband tell me that I'm beautiful. At the time, he was deployed to Iraq, and this was too much to bear. I called my mentor in ministry, and our best friend, and told him the news. His reply changed my life in that moment. "Tiffany, let me ask you something. Can you still hear the Holy Spirit?" That was all I needed to hear. The Lord renewed my strength, my spirit, and gave me His endurance to run.

During these four years of training, I have been hospitalized three times, and told that I was going to die. But God! Training for me hasn't been easy, and at times I have to sit and watch others run. That's where God wants us! In a state of obedience. My specialists can not explain why my lungs are progressively getting worse, and at the same time I run 10 miles or more every other day! My journey has been a difficult one, and is far from over. I run as His chosen instrument. My pain is a sacrifice unto Him. My sweat is an offering to my Savior. When I want to give up and quit, He renews my strength. When the pain in my lungs begins, I lay hands upon myself while running, and He removes it! I am living, breathing testimony that Jesus Christ is STILL in the healing business, and that He can do ALL things!

He is what this life is all about. I am currently training for the Boston Marathon, which is the hardest marathon in the U.S. Each time that I have gotten close to qualifying for this, I have been put in the hospital. The first time, I was hemorrhaging for two days, and was told by my Dr on the way to surgery that she wasn't confident that she could do anything for me. But God! The second time, I lost too much blood again, had double pneumonia, neutropenic, and was told it was serious again. But God! The third time was in 2009. I had abdominal pains, and after many tests in the E.R., I was told I had ovarian cancer. Two days later, I spent 5 hours in surgery. I had two masses that were very large removed, and my internal organs where adhered to my abdomen. One week later, and many days on my knees with a cut from hip to hip, I was told I was cancer free! Praise the Lord!

I now run with severe anemia, and have to get routine iron infusions to help restore my iron. I am just one of many that have a calling on their life to be His servant. What you see in me is Jesus. I give Him all of the glory for ALL healing in me, and claim that my time IS COMING to qualify. It's my desire to run as many marathons as He will allow me to run, and tell my story nation wide to glorify Him. Nothing is impossible through Christ! I pray that whatever you are doing, no matter whether it is big or small, you do it for His glory. Never forget that you are His favorite! Above all else, all lies from the devil, all evil in the world, all the hurdles, remember these three Words....Keep Moving Forward!