Dealing with RA
2015-11-22 07:37:51

It's been a while since my last update. Life is busy and I will be graduating in six short months from my cardiac echo and vascular ultrasound program. Living with Rheumatoid Arthritis is a vicious cycle. My joints have taken a beating for so many years with running and training, yet God is so good. In the past six months I have had a great decrease in my mileage and ability to strength train as often because of the pain associated with this. After seeing my doctor this afternoon, I have been taken off of running and strength training until further notice. I will be undergoing a treatment with Methotrexate and steroids to attempt to control this. I can testify to God's goodness in my life and His strength that runs throughout my body. It's that amazing and relentless strength that gets me through every hardship and allows me to testify to His greatness. My days in running may be numbered, but my years ahead to fight this fight for His glory are plentiful. I will continue to bike and swim, as well as yoga for the time being. Please keep me in your prayers and as always...Keep Moving Forward!