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2015-04-08 12:29:10

Good morning! First things first, I apologize for not blogging lately. There has been a tremendous amount going on, so it's been really busy in many ways. 

Training for me has been extremely different in several ways. I'm learning to let go and accept the new, which is really hard given my usual training methods. This past year has been so difficult in so many ways and also so blessed. My health has taken a dramatic turn and that has been the number one reason for the different training methods. The Rheumatoid has limited me in many ways, but God has given me new-found strength to do things differently. Recently, out of the blue, I began having serious issues with hypoglycemia. For no reason at all, I have very low blood sugar for most of the day. I have changed so many things about my diet and intake, but that didn't affect it in the least. I began the blood work journey last week and now I'm being referred to an Endocrinologist. So, it's been crazy. I have never in my running history had so much trouble glycogen-wise running a simple 5k until now. With all of this, I'm in school full time, take care of my parent's property, etc. It's never a dull moment! 

If anything that my journey has taught me, I would say strength. God has given me His strength to not only make it through these hard times, but overcome them like Michael Jordan slam dunks. It's not me, it's all Jesus. It's crazy how much running parallels life and the trials that we face daily. I've had so many people ask me why I put my body through this and all I can think to answer is, "It's never enough for what Jesus Christ has done and will do for me." It never fails...every few months there's a new difficulty. By difficulty I m ...

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